The World Beyond

Chua Zin Yan, Harshita Agarwal, Ma Pak Loong, Miao Yao Sheng
Nov 1 2023 - Jan 2 2024

This exhibition presents celebratory works by four artists across different regions. Each of their 15 exquisite artworks has an illuminating story that promises to captivate.

Miao Yao Sheng’s oil paintings capture festive scenes of ethnic minority peoples from Guizhou Province. Similarly, Ma Pak Loong’s sketches immortalise commemorative buildings in cities across Asia and Europe.

In contrast, Chua Zin Yan expresses celebration through uplifting collages, crafted during the pandemic lockdown. Meanwhile, Harshita Agarwal’s interactive puzzle prints link the ephemeral nature of festivities to an iconic building that will soon disappear.

Each artist hails from a culturally connected region, and paint a rich palette of emotions, traditions, and environments. Collectively, these works emphasize thriving communities and celebrate a vibrant and inclusive way of living.


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