Miao Yao Sheng

Miao Yao Sheng

Miao Yaosheng was born in 1965 in Linjiang, Jilin Province, China. He started a career as photojournalist at the Jilin Baishan Radio & Television Station, then emigrated to Zhejiang to become a painter. For several years he lived in Anhui to complete paintings of Huizhou scenery and living descendants of Hui Merchants. These paintings won Gold and Silver medals in China, and were displayed in art exhibition catalogues, pamphlets, tickets, and art magazine covers.

In 2004, Yaosheng was invited to Datang Village in Guizhou, which is home to Hmong tribes who lead naturalistic lifestyles in agricultural communes. Miao Yaosheng was drawn to the Hmong people’s beliefs, architecture, and customs. The Guizhou paintings reflect his appreciation for the congeniality of his Hmong hosts regardless of his status as an outsider. His candid portraits and scenery are invaluable records of Hmong aesthetics, customs, and society.

Recently, Miao Yaosheng built the Hmong Compound and Museum which exhibits almost 2000 years of Hmong history and culture. The Compound has already received positive coverage by State media and non-state press. Miao Yaosheng is a member of the Guizhou Provincial People’s Congress, a leader for Inheritance and Innovation of Traditional and Folk Culture.