Look into the 70s

Manuscripts, Prints, and Comics
Apr 16 - May 14 2019

Dong Lee Investment Pte. Ltd. presents “Look into 70s” from 16 April – 14 May 2019 at Tanglin Mall and Dong Lee’s galleries in Tanglin Place and Waterloo Centre. On show is a survey of illustrations, prints, and manuscripts that were published in China in the seventies through the eighties. They provide an insight into consumer culture of post-Revolutionary China. 

We present different mediums where Chinese folklore are presented in the form of lithographs, comics, children’s books, ink drawing, and others. The manuscripts and illustrations by storytellers and artists active during the Chinese Revolutionary Era have been carefully preserved. 

Ancient Chinese literature shares many traits with Ancient Greek literature. Both cultures have a lasting oral tradition through which stories of extraordinary people become folklore and are passed down generations. In folklore, the protagonist desires a world where there is love, freedom, and equality. 

We exhibit master Hong Xuntao’s delicate artwork and original manuscripts of the folklore novella. His magic brush has brought positive energy into the ancient world and flows till today. 


Tanglin Mall Atrium