Xu Shou Xiang

Xu Shou Xiang

Xu Shou Xiang (b.1970) was born in Fushun, Liaoning Province. He is an artist and art educator. He is skilled in various artistic mediums, including sketching, modelling, glass painting, and digital art. His commissioned artwork is a series of famous people statues on view in Century Public Park, Shenyang. Though trained by Russian school artists, Xu Shouxiang’s interest lies in Italian Modern Art.  

Xu Shouxiang can draw portraits of individuals and families in realistic or abstract form, on location or from photographs. This is a special way to remember a moment. Xu Shouxiang will also teach a technique that allows anyone to draw realistically in ten days or less.  


Artist, Exhibitions Coordinator, and Consultant 

Shenyang Century Park, Shenyang, Liaoning, China 

Juror, Central Academy of Fine Arts Entry Examinations (Lumei District, Shenyang applications area) 


Exhibition History 

Sculpture of Famous Historical People 

Shenyang Century Park 


Relevant Skills 

Teaching a beginner to become an expert draftsman within ten days.