Lin Heng Yun

Lin Heng Yun

Lin Heng Yun (1930-2018) was born in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. National China Intangible Cultural Heritage Artist in Shoushan stone carving, National Master of Art and Crafts, China National Arts and Crafts Society member. Lin Heng Yun studied religious sculpture woodcarving from Chen Fa Tan. He taught himself to carve ivory and Shoushan stone, then specialized in carving figural and animal sculpture. Bear sculpture is his hallmark, which depict bears in sitting, climbing, playing, hunting, and cuddling poses. His sculptures are hyperrealistic with regards to depicting bear hair, and even reflect human group behavior and psychology. His works have toured the U.S. and Singapore. Major works: Underwater World, Polar Bears, King of the Winter. Lin Heng Yun passed away in 2018 in Fuzhou, aged 88. 

Lin Heng Yun is a prominent Chinese stone sculptor known for his remarkable artistic skills and contributions to the field. His rejection of the use of precious stones, his determination to elevate the status of common coloured rocks, and his unwavering commitment to his craft serve as an inspiration to fellow artists. Lin’s accomplishments have left an indelible mark on the history of Chinese stone art, representing a new chapter in the field.

Lin Hengyun’s mastery of bear carving within the realm of Shoushan stone art is highly regarded. His cloud-carved bears are considered unparalleled, reaching the pinnacle of excellence that is difficult to surpass. His journey in bear carving, starting from his teenage years, involved a transition from wood to stone carving, studying videos and albums, and eventually sketching clay sculptures. Lin Hengyun’s specialization in this subject matter and his ability to channel immense artistic power have secured his place in the history of Shoushan carving. The bears he carves, particularly polar bears crafted from “enthalpy red stone,” are highly sought-after masterpieces, appreciated by collectors worldwide.